Complex-sounding cinematic electric guitar texture Kontakt instrument for creating endless pads, unusual soundscapes, characteristic atmospheres

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Brand: Karanyi Sounds

Continuo is a complex-sounding cinematic texture designer tool based on electric guitars for creating endless pads, unusual soundscapes, characteristic atmospheres and experimental sublayers especially for film, video games and electronic music. This is the first release of our cinematic series with our brand new, easy-to-use Layer Designer Engine where you can edit, modulate and mix up to 4 individual Instrument Modules at the same time. Continuo is created in collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist, electronic music producer & composer IAMYANK.
Your continuous journey starts now.


  • 18 extra long guitar sample modules with rare sound setups: raw sounding Fender guitar textures with a lot of fortuitousness
  • Bowed, tremolos, vibratos, beaten (with a wooden stick) techniques and a 300x stretched guitar patch
  • Super large reverbs recorded through Eventide & Strymon effect processors
  • Equipment used: UA1176, Roland Dimension D, Studer A800, Pultec EQP-1, UAD RAW, Strymon Deco / BigSky, Eventide Blackhole
  • New Layer Designer Engine with inspiring, super clean interface
  • 60+ Factory & Artist presets
  • Over 80 controls on a simplified GUI
  • Run up to 4 Sound Modules at the same time
  • 8 LFO Modulation presets / Module
  • 4 EQ presets / Module
  • 2 effects / Module + 2 Send effects
  • Master EQ, Compressor & Limiter
  • 24bit / 48kHz sample rate​
  • 2.5 GB lossless compressed size (3.5 GB original size)
  • KONTAKT 5.8+ FORMAT (Full Version Required) – Free Kontakt Player is NOT supported

18 reviews for Continuo

  1. Torsten Krill (verified owner)

    Inspiring sounds and very easy to use.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)


  3. tutu titikaka

    Truly unique guitar scapes and ambient sounds.

  4. Jacocaster (verified owner)

    What is Continuo?

    A complex & evolving texture pads instrument or a pulsating sounds instrument, or a mix of.

    It’s based on a series of
    – 12 extra long guitar patches (Hojave, Badlands)
    – 4 super large texture pads
    – 1 extreme time stretched guitar layer and a Moog taped Synth patch.

    You might say, that’s not a lot, but then there is this fresh take on a new style of easy but efficient user interface !

    Main interface layout very simple, performance oriented, with a

    MAIN window:
    – a POLE knob (Mod Wheel vibrato assigned) morphs from Left Pole (A&B top layer sounds in the Layers window) to Right Pole ( layers C&D).
    – an EXPRESSION KNOB ( right click to assign Midi CC and turn the knob/pedal on your master keyboard)

    LAYERS window: to create the patch
    – each layer A B C and D can assign a patch out of the 18 sampled instrument patches.
    – and you can mix these 4 layers, each layer with
    – own EQ filters,
    – effects (Rotator, Phaser, Room & long Reverb sends),
    – and pulse generator,

    MASTER window: to fine tweak the patch
    With compressor , limiter and overall EQ for the patch

    An easy interface, but it really lets you create, adapt, modulate and record “evolving variable moving texture pads” or “pulsating texture performances” . With the help of the Mod Wheel (and Vibrato), expression pedal, or whatever knob/pedal you choose on your keyboard controller to assign to most parameters.

    Just right-click and assign the Knobs to Midi CC.
    Perform by putting “life” into the patches” using your keyboard controllers and pedals.
    Or record the “performance” movements from Mod Wheel or Expression pedal or a Controller knob on to another track with same midi channel ,
    and then if necessary edit the Midi CC automation for these “Parts” inside your Daw (edit in the Part midi edit window).

    Simple, beautiful and clever design, allowing already a lot of “evolving” sound possibilities just from the included patches, and also some good possibilities to create even more very easily, without digging into the full Kontakt pages.

    Some critics or other ?

    – My Mod wheel controlled “Vibrato” function morphs the POLE layers, but when vibrato returns to 0 position, the Left POLE is full on. I guess it’s normal, as 0 value should be on the full left side of the knob. Need to CMD-click to get the middle mix between the Top and bottom layer patches back. No big deal. Not sure it could be changed anyway.

    – The “POLE” mix may be could blend a little better over a less shorter portion from the A&B layer to the C&D layer, for a slightly more continous mix around the middle area ? Again, it’s not morphing, so not sure this would be possible…

    – Midi CC assigned with right click on a knob: may be have an indication of the CC channel visible when you right click again on it, to see what it was on… or to remove a certain cc channel,
    or at least somewhere a visual indication of what is going where, may be a fourth window in the MAIN window with Midi CC information and which parameter/CC channel is assigned… ?

    – Some more additional Patches from other “stringed” or not instruments, especially for pulsating sounds and some other “complementary” patches to the 18x delivered originally. A future extension perhaps ?

    – may be some “reminders” when you hoover over parameters, like ” When reverb sends are high, pulsating sounds more “smeared” in reverb and less strong”, or “reverb sends stay active even when a layer is muted inside a patch, if layer in reverb is not useful, turn down reverb sends if you intend to mute a layer inside the patch”.

    Really a great instrument for cinematic and tv series interest creation with sound evolution’s and complex moving atmospheres for underlying scenes.
    Works as well in other more modern or not music styles.
    Just find “your” right usage of it.
    There are plenty.

  5. Jacques (verified owner)

    Simple, beautiful and clever design, allowing already a lot of “evolving” sound possibilities just from the included patches, and also some good possibilities to create more very easily, without digging into the full Kontakt pages.

    Really a great instrument for cinematic and TV series “interest creation” with sound evolution’s and complex moving atmospheres for underlying the scenes.
    Works as well for any other music style.

    Even just using 1-note pulsating rhythms or piling up 1-note various texture patches with some
    Mod wheel Vibrato or other Knobs/expression pedals performance added, is really fun to use with great sounding audio shapes.

  6. Sander Verstraten (verified owner)

    Great shopping experience.

  7. Robert Natiello (verified owner)

    A wonderful sound creation tool. Great presets and control for shaping sounds that fit the mood. From atmospheric to moody and easy to place in your media production as well as music and compositional tool.

  8. Don D. (verified owner)

    Perfect for a session I just started of dreamy, sleep music. Well worth the price.

  9. Alberto Ramirez (verified owner)

    Quick and easy

  10. Martyn (verified owner)

    Excellent sounds and layers

  11. Jonathan S. (verified owner)

    Really easy to use! Sounds just like in the movies!

  12. adam krzyz (verified owner)

    Fantastic library. Clear, transparent interface. Inspirational sounds !!

  13. Walt M. (verified owner)

    Used as carpets underneath a piano or guitar sound, they look great! I like them because they are so varied, and they have a good quality so they tie the sound in perfectly with the other instruments. Now it has become an essential product for the success of my next albums. Thank you!

  14. Stephen Bishop (verified owner)

    Unique range of sounds and easy to setup.

  15. PHILIP MANCINI (verified owner)

    Great sounding instrument!

  16. Stéphane Caro (verified owner)

    Un concept très bien présenté via un design épuré et éthéré et des sons juste magiques. Un excellent produit que je vous conseille vivement. Merci Karanyi Sounds !

  17. sedat buğa (verified owner)

    I like it.Thanks…

  18. Chris T. (verified owner)

    Another quality library from Karanyi. I am really enjoying Continuo – it provides beautiful, evolving beds that can calm or build tension. Very flexible and a glorious sound quality.
    Thanks again for another inspiring library.

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