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Creativity. Enhanced with fun.

Meet Minipol – a powerful virtual analog synthesizer with plenty of character and fun! It can recreate classic analog keys, chunky 80s basses, kick-ass house stabs, and even design massive soundscapes, modern plucks, or analog effects in no time. Minipol is the Swiss army knife of analog sound.

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A little bit of everything

Minipol is a super lightweight virtual analog synth with just a handful of controls and effects needed to create great sounds! You’ll be surprised at just how far you can go with a simple patch. You can build easily giant soundscapes for soundtracks, rumbling basslines for house music, or vintage keyboard themes for your next lo-fi track.

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Random everything. The smart way.

Seize the moment with Minipol’s Smart Randomizer and skip the boring parts. Craft fresh new ideas instantly by randomizing a group of controls, sections, or everything at once. All randomizers are intelligently adjusted, so there are no bad choices here, only happy accidents!

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Intuitive workflow

Straightforward design, consisting of sound generators, envelopes, modulation, and effect panels. Minipol’s clean, one-window interface has no hidden menus or additional tabs, allowing you to spend more time on the creative process and less on adjusting parameters. Even users with little or no experience with classic synths can use the interface with ease.

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Hundreds of artist presets

Minipol offers over 300 factory sounds created by music producers and sound designers worldwide. The library includes basses, keys, pads for electronic music, and soundscapes; as well as plucked sounds for game audio or film scoring. Take a listen to see the flexibility of Minipol for yourself!

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Factory Preset Demos

Explore the virtual analog synth capabilities of Minipol Pro. With just 4 oscillators and user-friendly effects, you can create expansive soundscapes, pulsating house basslines, or retro lo-fi keyboard themes. Check out the sounds that Minipol can produce, from keys and pads to leads and basses!

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Creative virtual analog synths with a lot of fun

Minipol Summary

  • 6 voice analog synthesizer with multiple effect and modulation capabilities
  • Factory Library with 300 factory presets for electronic music, scoring, and more
  • Smart Random Control with 47 randomizable controls
  • 4 virtual analog oscillators models based on classic synth hardware
  • Separate detune, octave, and pan controls for each oscillator
  • 1 additional noise oscillator
  • 1 sub-oscillator (high-quality sample-based from a Sequential OB-6)
  • Multimode Filter (High-Pass, Band-Pass & Low-Pass) based on classic synths
  • Delay (with mono & stereo presets)
  • Chorus (can be used as Phaser and Flanger too)
  • EQ (3 bands)
  • 70 Hi-quality reverb presets sampled from famous hardware reverb units
  • Host-syncable Filter, Gain LFO, and Delay effects
  • Tape machine-style wow
  • All controls are MIDI learnable
  • 40+ predefined DAW automation lines


System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher is recommended
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is recommended
  • 2 GHz CPU with at least 4 cores
  • 64 bit DAW (VST3/AU compatible)
  • 120MB free disk space for complete installation


Available Formats

  • Mac OS: AU, VST3 (64-bit)
  • Windows: VST3 (64-bit)

* Pro Tools and Maschine are NOT supported

User Guide
  • Great synth
    5 days ago
  • A really lovely looking VST. Simple to use and sounds great too.
    8 days ago
  • Great micro synth!
    9 days ago
  • ‘Minipol.component’ cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. So far, I can’t even use it.
    10 days ago
  • Great sound!
    28 days ago
  • Super !
    36 days ago
  • This is a very cool and useful VSTi synth for creating very interesting and unique sounds. Excellent job by Karanyi Sounds. ??
    113 days ago
  • it is nice to have
    170 days ago
  • SMART RANDOM CONTROL is a great idea and I am enjoying creating new presets. As a result, good sound is produced. It would be better if intermediate RANDOM PRSETs were created between PRESETs. It would be nice if there was a global learn midi because learn midi works only in the preset.
    228 days ago
  • Excellent synth. Easy transaction.
    230 days ago
  • Lovey is one of the best for 2023
    231 days ago
  • Fast, clear and efficient assistance!
    234 days ago
  • There was some technical trouble with the purchase process. But it was resolved quickly and adaquate by the support. Well done. Usefull synth.
    238 days ago
  • very nice little synth…
    241 days ago
  • I love the Synth, but hated the downloading fiasco with WA as it seems everyone has there own special way of downloading and storing sound sets. Not your fault, but WA has been a real pain to deal with everytime. I’m just sick of having to spend a day watching YouTube to see how I have to use this instrument and that one… maybe because I’m old, but sure appears that everyone does what is right in their own eyes and the rest of us are set to figure that out somehow. The review on the synth is fantastic and love the unique sounds this produces and still with fairly simple adjustments to make work. Nice job on the product. will be watching for other products you come out with for sure.
    243 days ago