Total Bundle Upgrade Program

We are offering Upgrades and Updates for our existing customers (from 18th of October, 2019)
Upgrade Offers are available only for customers who bought at least one product

Upgrade from 1 Product


Instead of $88.99
You Save: $30
Available from any 1 individual pack
(excluding Synths Bundle, Synths DX Extended)
Upgrade from 2 Products


Instead of $88.99
You Save: $40
Available from any 2 individual packs
(excluding Synths Bundle, Synths DX Extended)
Upgrade from 3 Products


Instead of $88.99
You Save: $60
Available from any 3 individual packs
(excluding Synths Bundle, Synths DX Extended)
Upgrade from Total Bundle (Legacy)


Instead of $88.99
You Save: $60
Available for Legacy Total Bundle owners

Accepted Upgrade Requests

We offer upgrades only for existing customers:

Our Legacy Store (Karanyi Music @ Gumroad)

Not Accepted Upgrade Requests

We are unable to upgrade your purchases made on any of our distributor sites such as:

Plugin Boutique

Audio Plugin Deals

Kontakt Hub


Request an Upgrade Code

How it Works?
To get an Upgrade Code you have to meet the minimum requirements (having a KaranyiSounds Account & at least 1 bought product), and fill the following request form.
We will send you a unique Upgrade Code after approval which can be used in our Shop.
Please note that Upgrade Codes are not sent out automatically – usually takes 1-2 business days.

If you didn’t received any Upgrade Offer by mail, please send a request to us via the following form:

Important notice regarding existing customers without account

From 1st of September 2019 we changed our account policy: for security reasons you can create an account only along with your first purchase, during checkout.
Previous guest accounts & non-customer accounts were disabled or removed from our system. If you created your karanyisounds account before 1st of September 2019 and you didn’t have any purchases on your account might be disabled. However if you have any previous purchases on Gumroad (our legacy web shop provider) and you want to upgrade these existing products
to Total Bundle, please let us know in the request form’s comment section below. We can check your previous purchase(s) in our system based on your mail address, so please if you used a different mail address during your Gumroad purchase, please let us know in the comment section of this form.
Thank you for your understanding!

MUST BE THE EXACTLY THE SAME as the mail you used during your previous checkout
Optional, please select only if applicable

Auto Upgrade Offers

If you want to receive auto-upgrade offers directly, please subscribe to our newsletter and we send you a notification by mail with a personal offer as soon a crossgrade / upgrade option become available for you.


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