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I bought Karanyi Sounds products during an Audio Plugin Deals promo. How can I download my products?

How to apply your Audio Plugin Deals Coupon Code?
1. Go to your mailbox and search the original mail you got from Audio Plugin Deals. You will find there a Coupon Code for the Karanyi Sounds product.
2. Click on the product link in the mail – this will take you directly to the checkout of your product on our webshop.
3. Click on “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code” button right in the middle of the screen and paste the Karanyi Sounds product coupon from your Audio Plugin Deals mail and hit “Apply Coupon” button. Now your product price will drop down to 0. This means your purchase will be free.
4. Hit the “Continue to Checkout” button. If you have a account already, please log in first. If you don’t have any, just fill your registration.
How to download your product(s)?
After succesfull coupon redemption you will be redirected to a thank you page and receive a confirmation mail to your mailbox from Karanyi Sounds.
You can download your product from your Account’s Downloads tab:

Shopping & Payments

Can I pay by card when purchasing this product?

Yes. We accept Visa and Mastercard via PayPal gateway. Note: you don’t need a PayPal account in order to pay with your debit or credit card.

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes, you can.

How to use a discount code?

You have to enter the coupon code manually into the ‘discount code’ field to claim the discount BEFORE the payment. After successful payment unfortunately we are not able to apply any discount or refund on a purchased product.

My download stopped - what can I do?

We would advise you to LEAVE YOUR DOWNLOAD RUNNING EVEN IF IT SEEMS TO BE NOT RESPONDING FOR THE FIRST COUPLE OF SECONDS OR MINUTES as speeds should ramp up at less busy times. Our servers aims to use as much of the available bandwidth as possible to give you the quickest possible speeds, and may take several minutes to reach its peak.
We have no direct influence on your actual download speeds, our collections are hosted on Amazon S3 servers which are normally very quick but it may well be that at certain times of the day when traffic is particularly busy, your ISP may throttle your connection speeds.

→ Please start your downloads with a stable gigabit connection
→ When downloading, use a desktop computer with at least 20GB of free space
→ Don’t start your download from phone or tablet
→ If the download stops, please wait a few seconds, don’t cancel or restart the download, it will continue shortly.

Installing Sound Collections

What is Native Instruments Kontakt format?

KONTAKT is the industry-standard sampler from Native Instruments that hosts all of Native Instruments’ sample-based instruments, as well as third-party products made for the platform. Instruments made for KONTAKT PLAYER will also run in the full version of KONTAKT.

Which version of Kontakt do I need in order to use this product?

You will need a full version for any versions of SYNTHS. Kontakt Player will run our sound collections in demo mode. Please be aware that there might be differences between SYNTHS products:
SYNTHS DX requires 5.8.1 or higher
SYNTHS ABYSS requires 5.7.3 or higher

What's the difference between Kontakt Player and Kontakt?

Kontakt Player is a free sampler plugin, which will load any of our Kontakt Player products, but will not load Kontakt exclusive products.

Kontakt is Native Instruments’ exclusive retail software sampler, which will load all Kontakt products. Please note that all of our products requires these versions of Kontakt.

Why is my product loading up in Kontakt under DEMO MODE?

All our products are working only with the full retail (=paid) version of Kontakt 5.8 or later.

The free Kontakt Player is NOT supported. All our products will run in DEMO mode in Kontakt Player.

Also, if you are using the full retail version of Kontakt 6, there is a bug with third party products that triggers DEMO mode by mistake. Please update your Kontakt 6 to the latest version or load your product in Kontakt 5.8.1.

What is the .ncw compressed format?

This is Native Instrument’s new lossless compressed sample format – it can reduce the sample data pool by around 55% and this also shows a benefit in streaming for you, along with reduced hard disk space required.

What are .nki files?

The NKI file is a software instrument format used by Kontakt, an audio sampling application; contains samples of an instrument or other sounds that were pre-recorded for use in the sampler; can be modified with effects and other presets to make custom sounds. Kontakt can open NKI files.

My product does not appear in the library tab in Kontakt

Since our products are in single Kontakt format, it won’t show up: adding our products to your library tab is not possile. You can use our products by simply clicking on the nki files.

Do I need to register Sound Collections via Native Access or any other service?

Since our products are currently not available as Kontakt Libraries, after you have downloaded your product files via the provided unique download link(s), you will be able to use our instruments instantly. We are not providing any serial numbers so you can’t add our products currently as libraries via Native Access app. Once you have purchased our products, you just need to unzip and the folders are they are ready to open by clicking on the nki files. If you are not familiar with Kontakt format structures, please don’t rename / reorganize or delete any files in the original instrument folder.

How to unzip SYNTHS on Mac?

After successful download you may have noticed that SYNTHS comes in a zip files. You can easily extract these zipped files using the MacOS built-in Archive Utility.

How to unzip SYNTHS on Windows?

After successful download you may have noticed that SYNTHS comes in a zip files. You can easily extract these zipped files using an unzip program such as free Winrar, free Total Commander or alternatively you can use free 7-Zip Utility.

How to install Sound Collections?

1. Make sure that you downloaded the whole zip files before moving forward. You can check the exact zip file sizes later in this faq.
2. Unzip
3. Kontakt patches are located under ‘Instruments’ folder – to open them, just click on their names.
It is highly recommended not to rename / move or copy any of the files inside the downloaded and unzipped folders otherwise the nki files will lose their original connections with the samples and other files (such as gui elements). If you see the “missing samples dialog” box when opening a file, you should check out the corresponded part later in this faq.

It seems that the archive is damaged because decompressing any programs results an error message. What can I do?

It seems your download failed at some point. Please re-download the files again and be sure that the final zip file sizes are the following:

How do I load Kontakt Instruments in Kontakt?

There are several ways to load Kontakt instruments.  Kontakt files have the extension .nki and Kontakt multis have the extension .nkm.  You need to preserve the folder structure of the libraries to ensure the samples folder doesn’t get moved from its current location.  You can drag .nki and .nkm files directly from your computer into Kontakt. You can also use the file browser inside of Kontakt to locate and load files.

Here’s a PDF guide with everything you need to know in order to download, extract and open Kontakt libraries: PDF Guide

The quickest method however is to use the Kontakt Quick Load function.  Once you have Quick Load set up you can easily browse all your libraries and load up individual patches directly.  Here’s a great video that I always show to people when they want to know more about Quick Load.

When opening instruments with Kontakt, some of the samples OR graphic elements are still missing. How to Resolve Issues with Missing Samples?

This is usually happens when you rename the folder or move files away from the original file structure. This can be easily solve with batch-resave function. It’s recommended not to rename / move or copy any of the files inside the downloaded and unzipped folders otherwise the nki files will lose their original connections with the samples and other files (such as gui elements). This function can help if you get a Samples Missing dialog when trying to load an Instrument from a particular SYNTHS Library. This means that the Kontakt Instrument is unable find its samples. Performing a Batch re-save will correct the file paths of the samples for all Kontakt Instruments within a Library.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Select Batch re-save from the File drop-down menu within Kontakt’s Main Control Panel.
2. A warning dialog appears. Click Yes to proceed.
3. Locate the Library folder in the OS X Finder or Windows Explorer. Once selected, click Choose to proceed.
4. At this point, Kontakt will check the Library. If samples are missing, a Samples Missing dialog will appear. In this dialog, click Browse for folder.
In the Locate Folder window which now appears, select your Library’s Samples folder. Once selected, click Choose to proceed.
5. Kontakt will now batch re-save the Library and relink all the Library’s Instruments to their respective sample content. Your Kontakt Library’s Instruments will now load correctly.

If you still have problem with unzipping or opening the files, please contact me, I’m always happy to help you!

Do your Ableton Live products work with Kontakt or Kontakt Player?

Unfortunately not.


How many times can I re-download my purchases?

You can download your bought product for up to 2 times.

…I didn’t find the answer to my question

No worries! If you still have problem, please contact us, we are always happy to help you!


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