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Help us grow and earn money with us!

Are you a professional content creator? Join our affiliate program and earn up to 25% commission on sales coming from your channels.

How does it work?

We integrated a dedicated third-party affiliate platform that tracks traffic and sales made by your visitors on our site in a fully transparent way. After joining our affiliate network you’ll be able to create your own custom links to any of our website links and products and place them into your own content. When your visitors follow these links, any purchase they make will be tracked and a commission will be paid directly to you.

How to join?

You can join here:

Join Karanyi Sounds Affiliate Program

Once you joined we’ll review it to make sure you are a good fit and get back to very fast. Please read the FAQ below for all the details! If you have more questions or want to review a specific product please feel free to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Karanyi Sounds's Affiliate Program?

Yes! However, you need to meet the minimum requirements. To become a verified affiliate we need you to have at least one of the following:
– 1000 daily visitors on your blog/website, or
– At least 1000+ subscribers on ANY of your channels: Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram.

How affiliate works?

  1. Visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site, email or video description.
  2. The visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser to track if they make a purchase.
  3. The visitor browses our website and might decide to make a purchase.
  4. If the visitor makes a purchase (the purchase need not be placed during the same browser session–cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely), the purchase will be registered as a sale for you.
  5. We review and approve the sale.
  6. You receive the commission payouts.

How much can I earn?

25% of the total net amount made on our website comes from any of your channels.

You write or make a video about our cinematic instrument library “Continuo” and you redirect your viewers/readers to our website to buy this product (current price $59). When any of your viewers/readers are making a purchase on our site, you will earn 25% of the sale price.

Case studies:
– After 30 Continuo purchases via your affiliate links in a month – you earn $442
– After 10 Continuo
purchases via your affiliate links in a month – you earn $147

Can I access Karanyi Sounds products for free?

Yes! Once verified, we’ll support you with free products, press releases, and any relevant information about the products. You can always get in touch with us.

How much time can be between a visit and a purchase to make it count for you?

This is called Cookie Time and it’s set for 30 days. It means if your visitor visits our site and makes a purchase within 30 days you will get a commission.

How often do I get paid?

We payout quarterly in January, April, July, and October. But you can track your earnings whenever you want via your dedicated Affiliate Admin. 

How can I get paid?

You can get paid by PayPal or bank transfer/wire transfer. The minimum payout is $50.

Can I test my affiliate link?

Sure you can!

  1. Create the unique link on your affiliate profile in your Affiliate Area
  2. Share this link on your own channel/platform

Check back to your affiliate profile and click on the Visits tab. Here you should see the relevant referral URL details. Be aware it might take a few minutes for it to show up.

Ready to join?

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