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  • Capable of extraordinary sounds!
    5 days ago
  • Good, a lot of options and good retro sound. Vinyl knob sounds realy good.
    7 days ago
  • Very good delay, nice sound.
    7 days ago
  • Great plugin, thanks!
    8 days ago
  • This is a good VSTi and excellent for the price that i got it. (I got it for loopcloud subscribe). If I would pay for it, maybe I should suggest you more presets, because unfortunately I’m not a sound designer. (I know that’s my problem). But I got it for free so I won’t give you less than five.
    9 days ago
  • I purchased the original Midnite and it works well but I can’t get Midnite Plus to work at all. I’m hoping support can help.
    10 days ago
  • The instrument sounds great. Aka The Mix King.
    10 days ago
  • Superb delay, I love it.
    10 days ago
  • My most recently acquired plugin and so far I’m very impressed with the quality and quirkiness of the product…cheers
    10 days ago
  • There are plenty of beautiful sounds to begin with, but there is also a lot of scope to change those sounds. Highly recommended!
    11 days ago
  • Cinema Pro is a great value, and the sounds are high quality and well designed. Continuo, Continuo 2, and the Dark Energy expansion were exactly what I was looking. But, I was pleasantly surprised with the Budapest Abstract Series containing Vibes and Marimba! They were of exceptional quality and equally well designed. Installation was a breeze, like any Kontakt Instrument, and I was able to use web site images to make custom Kontakt images.
    12 days ago
  • Love your stuff. Epic out of the box.
    12 days ago
  • Amazing plugin
    13 days ago