Creativity. Enhanced with fun.

Meet our very first virtual instrument, Minipol – a powerful virtual analog synthesizer
with a lot of fun and a unique Smart Random feature!
Recreate classic analog keys, chunky 80s basses, kick-ass house stabs,
or design massive soundscapes, modern plucks, or analog effects in no time.
Quality sound engine, straightforward design, super intuitive workflow:
this is Minipol, the swiss-army-knife of the analog sound.


A little bit of everything

You don’t need and another CPU-hungry software synth. Or a plugin with hundreds of knobs, sliders, or switches. Minipol is super light on your CPU and comes with a handful of controls and effects your need to create great sounds! All these parts are designed to work great together – you will be surprised how far you can go from a simple patch. Need a giant soundscape for your soundtrack? A rumbling bassline for your house track? A vintage keyboard theme for your lo-fi track? You got it!

Smart random controls

Seize the moment: inspiration doesn’t wait! You don’t need to spend valuable time getting around your new instrument or opening up a manual. With Minipol’s Smart Random Bar, you can skip the boring parts and straight to the point: create brand new ideas instantly. Randomize a group of controls, sections, or all at once. All randomizers are smarty adjusted, so there are no bad choices here, just happy accidents!

How Smart Random Control works? Check out the video 👉

Clean & intuitive workflow

Minipol has a straightforward design: sound generators, Envelopes & modulation, and Effect panels. This is a one-window, clean interface, no hidden menus or additional tabs, so you can spend more time with the creative process and less with adjusting the parameters.

300 artist presets

Minipol has hundreds of Factory Sounds made by music producers and sound designers from all around the world. You can find here professional basses, keys, pads for electronic music and keys, soundscapes, and plucked sounds for game audio or film scoring in this library. Check these sounds first to get a better view of how flexible Minipol can be!

Works with your favorite DAW

Minipol is available for Mac and Windows as VST3, Audio Unit, and standalone versions. The plugin version will run with all the major* DAWs such as Ableton, Cubase, Logic, Studio One, Reaper, and more.
* Pro Tools is not supported
* Logic on M1 Macs are not supported

Take a listen

”Minipol is a very inspiring, innovative tool”

– Stamusic (House producer, Sound Engineer)
Monaberry, Berlin


Main Features:

  • 6 voice analog synthesizer with multiple effect and modulation capabilities
  • Factory Library with 300 professional presets for electronic music, scoring, and more
  • Sophisticated random control with 47 randomizable controls via Smart Random Bar


  • 4 virtual analog oscillators models based on classic synth hardware
  • Separate detune, octave, and pan controls for each virtual analog oscillators
  • 1 additional noise oscillator
  • 1 sub-oscillator (high-quality sample-based from a Sequential OB-6)

Envelopes & Effects:

  • Multimode Filter (High-Pass, Band-Pass & Low-Pass) based on classic synth hardware
  • 5 stereo effects:
    • Multimode Filter (3 modes)
    • Delay (with mono & stereo presets)
    • Chorus (can be used as Phaser and Flanger too)
    • EQ (3 bands)
    • 70 Hi-quality reverb presets sampled from famous hardware reverb units from TC, Lexicon, Quantec, Eventide, and more
  • Host-syncable Filter, Gain LFO, and Delay effects
  • Tape machine-style wow control

Additional features:

  • All controls are MIDI learnable
  • 40+ predefined DAW automation lines
  • Resizable UI from 20% to 200%

System Requirements:

  • macOS:
    • Intel CPU only (at least 2 GHz recommended)
    • macOS 10.11 or later
    • A VST3/AU compatible 64-bit host for the plugin version
    • 4GB RAM (more recommended)
    • 120MB free disk space
  • Windows:
    • x64-compatible CPU
    • Windows 7 SP1 or later
    • A VST3 compatible 64-bit host for the plugin version
    • 4GB RAM (more recommended)
    • 120MB free disk space


  • macOSAU, VST3 & Standalone app (64-bit)*
  • WindowsVST3 & Standalone app (64-bit)*

* Pro Tools and Maschine is NOT supported
* Logic on M1 Macs are NOT supported



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Customer Reviews

2 weeks ago
Glenn Swan
(verified owner)

Excellent Phatt Analog Sound, with excellent editing capablities.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

1 month ago
(verified owner)

I really like the new interface. I bought it to support it / you guys, this direction. I think it is a brilliant idea. Problems 1) no VST version, I use VST and never AU or VST3, I find VST the most stable and I prefer not to triple / quadruple the space needed for one plugin….rather delete those folders completely. 2) The sound, it sounds like one sound, like different versions of one sound (sample). The sounds are very useable, just not too much variety (basses, percussion for example). I can get a lot more variety from other plugs. 3) The randomization, first night I was using it it seemed to be giving me a lot of unusable stuff, flat, cutoff etc. The second time I used it today, it seems better. Concept is great though, just don’t need the duds. All in all you guys did a great job and enjoying it.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 months ago
Terence Millar
(verified owner)

Great little soft synth! Lots of presets but you have a lot of ways to twist the sound to your own liking. amazing price for such a good little virtual instrument. My bargain of the year1

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 months ago
Devon D.
(verified owner)

Enjoyable and useful synth. Five Stars!

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 months ago
(verified owner)

Love the sounds and ease of use. Only complaint is that it's very hard to make small adjustments on the knobs. This is especially annoying when it comes to modifying things like ADSR.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 months ago
dyron kris
(verified owner)

Un petit vst vraiment Au top. 👍

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 months ago
Alberto Ramirez
(verified owner)

Painless transaction

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 months ago
Andrew T.
(verified owner)

Amazing little Synth, a pleasure to work with

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 months ago
Sebastian von Bischopink
(verified owner)

Lovely sounding synth and the intelligent randomization makes it easy to create new sounds. Missing feature, poly/mono/legato and glide.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 months ago
Patrik Skog
(verified owner)

Hi. I think everything is fine regarding purchasing any product from your company and website, though the VST in question sounds great it could be improved in a few ways to make me use it more often: The sound on certain presets have spikes in the very high basically inaudible frequencies, this should be internally processed otherwise too cumbersome to constantly be wary of. Secondly, fine adjusting parameters is difficult (for example from zero attack to 1 full second or so is an extremely short travel on the pots. Thirdly I believe the tune/pitching of OSC isn't possible while the note is held. Finally, the preset (and reverb) selections are a bit wonky. Being able to use arrow keys like any program would be nice. Thanks otherwise and all the best 🙂

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

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