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Ask.Audio Synths DX Review

Synths DX is an interesting library to load up into your instance of Kontakt. It’s a library that consists of a fairly wide spread of synths from modern to classic and popular to obscure. Composer Dani Karanyi has clearly curated a large collection of his ‘go-to’ patches for film, atmospheric production and ambient design and put them all together in a single collection called ‘Synths DX’. I downloaded it to check it out, and the sounds were fun and diverse.

What’s It All About?

WIth a curated library such as this, it’s best to be upfront about what its design is. You don’t have a ton of control at your fingertips with Synths DX. Rather, it’s best to look at Synths DX as a ‘greatest hits’ collection of some of the best patches and sounds from a top collection of synths. The Novation X-Station, Yamaha DX7, Dave Smith OB6, Moog Sub37, Oberheim Matrix 6 and 1000, Roland Super JV, and the Moog Minitaur all make an appearance in Synths DX.

There isn’t an absurd amount of control at your fingertips like there is in many other Kontakt third party instruments, but I have to be honest – I found the simplicity quite refreshing. With about 60 presets to dial in, each with 2 layers of samples from one of those original synths, you definitely have a diverse set of sounds to play with.

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