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Earn from Your Sample Packs: Licensing Opportunity with Karanyi Sounds

Karanyi Sounds, a professional audio plugin manufacturer, is looking to license high-quality sample packs from producers. We are interested in purchasing exclusive distribution rights for fully produced, mastered, and ready-to-release audio sample packs. This is a one-time fee arrangement, not a partnership.

What We Are Looking For:

Sample Pack Types:

  • Looped audio sample packs featuring drum loops, synth loops, and other instrument loops, or
  • Vocal samples and other unique sound elements.
  • The size of the sample packs needs to be somewhere between 100-500 sound loops.

Product Readiness:

  • Existing sound packs that have never been released elsewhere.
  • Fully mastered and ready to distribute; we are not seeking works in progress.

Themes and Genres:

  • Thematic packs focused on specific genres such as lo-fi, synthwave, cinematic, EDM, trap, techno, house, etc.
  • Packs concentrating on specific styles of instruments or vocals.

Key Requirements:

  1. Detailed information about your sample pack, including a description, list of contents, and any relevant demo files.
  2. High-quality, professionally mastered samples that are ready for immediate use by our customers.


  • One-Time License Fee: We pay a one-time license fee for the exclusive distribution rights to your sample pack.

Application Process:

Interested producers are invited to submit their sample pack details through our dedicated submission form. Please include a description of your sample pack, any relevant demo files, and your contact information for further discussions.

Please provide a link to your portfolio or any other sharing platform (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) containing 5-10 demo loops or audio tracks created with your samples intended for licensing.
Please note, you MUST choose “Yes” to sell these samples to us. We can’t work with you otherwise!