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What’s New in Cloudmax 2: A Major Upgrade

Cloudmax 2 is a significant upgrade to our multi-effect FX plugin. This new version has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, offering various new features and a sleek, modern interface. Explore the enhancements and see how Cloudmax 2 elevates your sound design experience. Below is a detailed comparison of the new features:

What’s New in the Redesigned Look?


One of the first things you’ll notice about Cloudmax 2 is its completely redesigned interface. The UI features a more compact view with additional controls on the front, ensuring an intuitive and seamless experience. Rest assured, all parameters from Cloudmax 1 (the legacy version) are still accessible. We’ve also added a UI scaling option that increases the plugin size so it works on larger screens. Cloudmax 2 includes three exciting new skins, including Dani Karanyi’s signature skin with a handwritten interface, along with the classic tangerine and green skin.

What’s Included in the New Advanced View?


Cloudmax 2 now provides access to over 45 parameters of this multi-effect plugin, including grain controls, multiple reverb algorithms, stereo wideners, and a glue compressor. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new graphical interface to interact with your grains easily.

In-Depth Comparison

FeatureCloudmax (legacy version)Cloudmax 2
User InterfaceSingle view (Front View)– Extended Front View
– Advanced View
Grain FX Modules2 Grain Modules with basic options:
– Shift (octave only)
– Density
– Texture Amount as volume presets
– Stereo as basic panning presets
4 Grain Modules with advanced options:
– Pre-Delay
– Shift (octave & semitones)
– Density
– Tail (a special delay line to prolong your sounds)
– Panning
– Mix/volume
Reverb Modules1 DSP reverb:
– Stratus (colorful, analog-style reverb)
– with basic controls (size, feedback as tail, diffusion, damping as color, 3 basic wow presets)
2 DSP reverb options:
– Stratus (colorful, analog-style reverb)
– Cirrus (delicate sounding reverb with super long tails)
– both with extended controls (size, tail, diffusion, color, wow depth, and wow frequency)

1 additional algorithmic reverb:
– Wash (pre-reverb to glue your grains together before hitting the DSP reverb)
– with amount and size controls
Master Effects– Multimode Filter
– Multimode Tone EQ
– Multimode Filter
– Multimode Tone EQ
– Stereo Control
– Glue Compressor
Smart Randomizer System– Texture Randomizer
– Reverb Randomizer
– Texture Randomizer
– Reverb Randomizer
Factory Presets110200 (including legacy preset library)
CompatibilityNative (VST, AU). Works with any DAW supporting these.Native (VST, AU, AAX). Works with any DAW supporting these
Product link(Legacy Version)Cloudmax 2
Trial version
Price$49 original / $19 upgrade from Cloudmax 1

What Will Happen to the Legacy Version of Cloudmax?

Cloudmax 2 is a major upgrade that will replace the original version. New users will no longer be able to purchase the legacy version. However, if you own Cloudmax 1, your plugin will continue to work and be available. As a legacy product owner, you can re-download your legacy version from your Karanyi Sounds’ My Account page. Cloudmax 2 includes multiple preset libraries featuring the original factory presets from the legacy version.

Is There an Upgrade Path from the Legacy Version to Cloudmax 2?

If you purchased Cloudmax on the Karanyi Sounds website, you can upgrade to Cloudmax 2 for $19. Log into your Karanyi Sounds account, then visit the Cloudmax 2 product page to see your upgrade price. If you purchased the legacy version from another website, please get in touch with our support team and attach your original purchase receipt to your support ticket to receive your upgrade price.