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New DLC Discount

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Bulk Up!

Your Voice, Our Action: New discount scheme on DLCs.

Great news! You asked, we listened: our new Bulk Discount Scheme for DLCs is here! At Karanyi Sounds, we get how crucial a wide range of sounds is for your music. So, we’re rolling out awesome discounts on our DLCs – all thanks to your feedback. Get ready to boost your sound collection!

Why Bulk Discount?

Our DLCs are not just add-ons; they’re gateways to new musical possibilities. Each DLC is a treasure trove of presets designed to inspire and elevate your music production. But we know one size doesn’t fit all – that’s why we offer a variety of DLCs tailored to different core products. With our bulk discount, you can now explore a broader range of sounds at an incredible value!

Here’s How It Works:

The DLCs have a flat price of $14/each if you buy them individually. But if you purchase more, you get bigger and bigger discounts:

Buy 3 DLCs: Dive deeper into your creativity with a 45% discount, paying only $8 per DLC.

Buy 6 DLCs: Expand your library even further and enjoy a massive discount, with each DLC costing just $7.

Buy 9+ DLCs: For the ultimate sound explorers, get each DLC for an unbeatable price of $6 when you purchase 9 or more.

Note: Our bulk discount kicks in with as few as 2 DLCs. The examples above are just the start – the more you add, the more you save. Mix, match, and make the most of our diverse DLC range!

How to apply?

Just add your favorite DLCs to the cart, and we’ll handle the rest. Our system automatically calculates your bulk discount, making your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free. No codes, no fuss – just the sounds you love with savings you’ll adore!

Who Benefits?

Whether you’re a solo artist, a music producer, or an educational institution, this offer is perfect for anyone looking to explore new soundscapes. Our DLCs are designed to complement your existing Karanyi Sounds products, opening up a world of new creative possibilities as each of them offers something unique.

Which core products are impacted?

Currently, we offer DLCs for the following products. There are quite a few more on their way, so expect regular update on these:
NOTE: The DLCs require the core product to run, they do not work on their own. (The core products are sold separately or bundled as “Plus” Products”) To read more on our Plus and DLC product line, click here.

  • Analog Tales 2
  • Cloudmax
  • Continuo
  • Continuo 2
  • Lofi Keys
  • Midnite
  • Minipol
  • Polyscape
  • Polyscape 2
  • Vapor Keys

Questions or feedback?

We’re here to help! If you have any questions about the bulk discount offer or need assistance choosing the right DLCs for your needs, our customer support team is just a click away. Plus, we’re always eager to hear your feedback. Tell us which core products you’d love to see new DLCs for. Your input helps us create the content you’re most excited about!