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Introducing Karanyi Sounds Plus and New DLC Options

Karanyi Sounds is proud to announce the launch of Plus, our new product line designed to enrich the music production experience for our users. With Plus, we provide high-quality tools and monthly content additions.

Evolution of Our Product Range

In our quest to continuously improve our offerings, we have evolved from our earlier Pro and Expanded editions to the streamlined Karanyi Sounds Plus. This change represents our commitment to simplification and enhanced usability, ensuring our users get the best possible experience with our products.

What Can You Expect from Plus Products?

Karanyi Sounds Plus enhances our core products by adding thematic artist presets and sample content. In some cases, it’s coupled with exclusive UI skins, as seen in Midnite Plus, or includes additional functionalities. Plus versions may also feature multiple DLCs, each focusing on different genres or moods, thereby expanding the sonic capabilities of the original product. To discover the specific offerings of each Plus edition, we encourage you to visit the product page on our website. These bespoke elements and new functionalities are meticulously crafted to elevate your creative process.

What Are DLCs?

Downloadable Content (DLCs) from Karanyi Sounds are specially designed add-ons that focus on specific genres or moods to add versatility to our core products. Each DLC is crafted to bring new dimensions to your music production, offering a variety of additional features such as unique artist presets or extra sample content. You can explore and purchase these DLCs individually or get them bundled with Plus editions for an enhanced experience. For detailed information about each DLC and what it offers, we recommend visiting the relevant product pages on our website.

New Content Regularly

Introducing the Plus label simplifies our product lineup, making it easier for users to understand and choose the right tools for their needs. Additionally, we’re excited to roll out new DLCs and versions regularly, ensuring our products stay current and valuable.

Transparent Pricing

At Karanyi Sounds, we’re committed to transparent and user-friendly pricing. The cost of Plus versions is dynamically set based on the number of DLCs included with the core product.

So, if you want to acquire the complete package, including all available DLCs with the core product, opting for the Plus edition is the most cost-effective choice. The Plus version offers a bundle combining the original plugin with all the currently available DLCs – providing a comprehensive set at a better price than purchasing each item separately.

For those who already have the core product and are interested in expanding their options, individual DLCs are available at a flat rate of $14 each. This approach offers flexibility, allowing you to customize your plugin library according to your needs and preferences without purchasing the complete Plus edition.

Bulk Discount

The DLCs have a flat price of $14/each if you buy them individually. But if you purchase more, you get bigger and bigger discounts:

Buy 2 DLCs: $10 per DLC.
Buy 3 DLCs: $8 per DLC.
Buy 4 DLCs: $8 per DLC.
Buy 5 DLCs: $8 per DLC.
Buy 6 DLCs: $7 per DLC.
Buy 7 DLCs: $7 per DLC.
Buy 8 DLCs: $7 per DLC.
Buy 9+ DLCs: $6 per DLC when you purchase 9 DLC’s or more.

How to apply?
Just add your favorite DLCs to the cart, and we’ll handle the rest. Our system automatically calculates your bulk discount, making your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free. No codes, no fuss – just the sounds you love with savings you’ll adore!

What Happens to Your Existing ‘Expanded’ or ‘Pro’ Versions?

We have seamlessly transitioned all Expanded and Pro versions to Plus for our existing users. Rest assured, there are no changes to the functionality or content you already own. You can easily access these upgraded versions in our website’s ‘My Account’ area.

With Karanyi Sounds Plus, we are taking a significant step forward in providing our users with an enhanced, seamless, creative music production experience. Explore the new Plus and our latest DLCs. Visit our Plus & DLC shop to enhance your music production toolkit!