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3 Reasons to Switch to Polyscape Nova if You Own the Kontakt Edition

If you’ve explored Polyscape 1 and 2, you may question what new experiences Polyscape Nova offers. With its numerous fresh features, revamped interface, and innovative DSP effects, Polyscape Nova represents a major evolution in the series, redefining sound design. This article will explore Polyscape Nova’s key advancements and provide three key points to consider.

1. Redesigned for Creativity

One of the first things you’ll notice about Polyscape Nova is its sleek, redesigned interface. This isn’t just about aesthetics but functionality and ease of use. The sharp, resizable UI, complete with Retina support, ensures that every control is intuitively laid out for a seamless creative flow. This new interface invites you to dive deeper into sound design, with every parameter crafted to respond to your creative impulses.

2. Advanced Sound Capabilities

Rewritten from the ground up, Polyscape Nova surpasses its earlier Kontakt editions with numerous new additions, making this instrument significantly more powerful in terms of sound creation and quality. It features 150+ presets (for scoring, electronic music, modern pop music and more), 30 meticulously chosen sounds, ranging from classic synthesizers to modern hybrid string recordings, enabling the creation of unique, contemporary soundtracks and more. This carefully curated sound selection from Polyscape 1 and 2 is enhanced with new effects and innovative functions, offering a fresh perspective and greater creative freedom to craft soundscapes, leads, modern basses, and polyrhythmic textures.

3. Brand New DSP Effects

At the core of Polyscape Nova’s allure are its 6 Premier DSP Effects, a testament to the innovation that drives this new edition. These effects aren’t mere additions; they are transformative tools that open up new dimensions of sound. From the expansive landscapes created by the Lusher reverb and granular effects to the intricate echoes of the Harmonic Delay, each fx has been meticulously designed to inspire and enhance your sonic creations.

Upgrade Pricing

Good news for Polyscape 1 and 2 owners: Polyscape Nova is available for an upgrade price of just $19. Log into your Karanyi Sounds account to discover your special upgrade offer. This is your ticket to a suite of new features, including 150+ innovative presets designed to elevate your soundscapes to new dimensions.

Comparison: Polyscape Editions

FeaturePolyscape 1Polyscape 2Polyscape Nova
User InterfaceEasy-to-use UIComplex UIEasy-to-use UI: redesigned for creativity, sharp & resizable with Retina support
Sound Modules– 4 Sound Modules
– Sample-based only
– 4 Sound + 1 Sub Module
– Sample-based only
– 4 Sound + 1 Sub Module
– Sample-based & virtual analog
Instrument EngineKontakt with modules and stock effectsKontakt with modules and stock effectsAdvanced audio engine with DSP effects
Effects– Basic EQ
– Basic Filter
– Basic Reverb
– Basic LFO
– EQ
– Filter (Lowpass only)
– Reverb
– Extended LFO options
– Dimension
– Delay
– EQ
– Filter (LP, HP, Notch, Band-pass)
– Algorithmic DSP Reverb (Lusher)
– Extended LFO options
– Advanced DSP Dimension
– Harmonic Delay

+ Dual Granular effects (Lusher)
+ Frequency-selective overdrive effects (Distortion & Saturation)
+ Phaser
Master Effects– Basic Compressor– EQ
– Compressor
– EQ
– Filter
– Glue Compressor
Smart Randomizer SystemNone.Advanced Randomizer systemAdvanced Randomizer system
Factory Presets9080150
CompatibilityKontakt onlyKontakt onlyNative (VST, AU, AXX)
LimitationsRequires a full, retail version of KontaktRequires a full, retail version of KontaktNone. Works with any DAW. Kontakt-free.
Product linkPolyscape – Analog Texture DesignerPolyscape 2 – Hybrid Soundscape DesignerPolyscape Nova – Advanced Hybrid Synthesizer