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Creative FX Plus

Sound Designer Effect Collection
  • Studio-quality DSP effects
  • Inspired by vintage hardware units
  • With super easy-to-use user interfaces
  • Add old-school vibe to your sounds

Creative FX Plus

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Effects that inspire

Creative FX Plus is a comprehensive collection of studio-quality FX plugins designed for the modern producer. It not only offers the powerhouse trio – Technocolor, Vapor Dimension, and Poly Space – but also includes their respective DLC packs: Creative Colors, Creative Dimensions, and Creative Spaces. Each plugin, coupled with its expansion, delivers unparalleled depth and versatility, ensuring a seamless flow of creativity.

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Drawing inspiration from classic hardware effects, the Creative FX Plus bundle is crafted to breathe life into your productions. Whether you’re looking to widen, saturate, elevate, distort, modulate, or add vintage charm, these plugins and their expansions offer intricate DSP algorithms paired with an incredibly user-friendly interface. Dive into the world of enhanced audio experiences with Creative FX.

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Poly Space: Smart Ambient Reverb

Modern, studio-quality ambient reverb plugin combining pristine DSP algorithms and vivid impulse responses, including over 50 carefully designed space combinations of sampled famous vintage hardware and algorithmic reverbs.

Learn More: Poly Space

Creative Spaces for Poly Space

Dive into the vast expanse of ambient possibilities with Creative Spaces. This meticulously crafted expansion pack offers a brave new world of reverb presets, each designed to challenge the boundaries of space and sound. Whether you’re sculpting immersive soundscapes or looking to add depth to your tracks, Creative Spaces equips you with unique sounds that are as expansive as the universe itself. Elevate your music to unexplored dimensions with reverbs that range from the subtle to the profound, all within the touch of a dial. This pack contains 30 additional presets for Poly Space.

Technocolor: Smart Vintage Stauration

Vintage character plugin that adds instant old-school vibe to your synths and guitars, injects some grit into your vocals, basslines and even drums!rnrnInspired by classic samplers, tape machines and even radios, Technocolor was designed to spice up your sounds.

Learn More: Technocolor

Creative Colors DLC for Technocolor

Inject a bold palette of sonic hues into your mix with the Creative Colors DLC for Technocolor. From gritty textures to warm saturations, this expansion pack is a treasure trove of presets inspired by the raw and unpolished tones of yesteryears. Each preset in Creative Colors has been crafted to bring a distinctive character to your sound, offering a brave and unique auditory experience. Step back into the past with confidence and color your tracks with shades of vintage charm that stand out in the modern mix. This pack contains 30 additional presets for Technocolor.

Vapor Dimension: Smart Vintage Modulations

Colorful modulation plugin that brings rich, vintage tones and wideness to your synths, keys, pads, guitars, vocals and more.rnrn20 built in DSP algorithms inspired by vintage chorus, phaser, and harmonizer hardware units.

learn More: Vapor Dimension

Creative Dimensions DLC for Vapor Dimension

Take a leap into the audacious sounds of the Creative Dimensions DLC for Vapor Dimension. This expansion pack is not just a collection of presets; it’s a gateway to a sonic odyssey. Each setting within the Creative Dimensions invites you to explore rich, modulated tones that resonate with depth and complexity. Unleash waves of pulsating choruses, swirling phasers, and harmonies that defy conventional soundscapes. Embrace the brave and unique modulations that propel your music into a new dimension.
This pack contains 30 additional presets for Vapor Dimension

🛠️ Are you a Creative FX owner?

Your Creative FX purchase will appear as a ‘Legacy’ version in the ‘My Downloads’ area of your account. The current version of Creative FX Plus includes additional DLCs not included in the original version. To upgrade to the latest Plus edition, you can purchase the latest DLCs separately here:

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Creative FX Plus Summary

  • Contains our 3 best-selling creative FXs: Poly Space, Technocolor & Vapor Dimension
  • Also contains additional preset packs (DLCs) for each FX
  • 160 Factory & Artist presets
  • 110+ Studio-quality algorithms
  • Streamlined interface for each unit
  • Smart Random button on board for instant inspiration
  • Dry/Wet and In-Out knobs for ease of use in mixing situation.
  • Supports major DAWs, including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, Studio One, BitWig, Reaper, etc.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is recommended
  • 2 GHz CPU with at least 4 cores
  • 64 bit DAW
  • 250 MB free disk space

Available Formats

  • Mac OS: AU, VST3 (64-bit)
  • Windows: VST3 (64-bit)

Pro Tools and Maschine are NOT supported

  • Great fx with amazing results!
    5 days ago
  • great for the price and it can add some thing different to your sounds
    5 days ago
  • I love to run these on my synths.
    63 days ago
  • small but powerful. instant love
    84 days ago
  • Each plugin is surprisingly versatile, extremely vibey and the sound quality is top notch. Technicolor’s “make me warmer” preset is almost magical on sterile sound sources. Poly Space is super dreamy and they all can get a bit out there in a good way.
    91 days ago
  • it was worth every penny! instant vibes!
    133 days ago