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Lofi Keys Plus

  • The ultimate lo-fi instrument
  • Studio-grade sounds from legendary keyboards/synths
  • Built-in vintage effect rack with 40+ custom algorithms
  • Plus version exclusives: 2 DLC packs
  • VST3/AU formats
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Deluxe Dreams

Lofi Keys Plus is our premier instrument for creating the lo-fi sound. This version includes the original Lofi Keys instrument, as well as a cinematic expansion pack named “VHS Atmos” and another DLC called “Luminary Leads” with 3 new sound sources! The instrument features famous electric pianos and synth classics, all resampled using vintage tape players, cassettes, and VHS players. All of this is accessible through an incredibly simple user interface. Craft smooth, dreamy themes for your lo-fi beats or introduce rich hybrid soundscapes into your scores.

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Music Production with Lofi Keys u0026 Midnite
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Melodies and Sound Demos by SoundSource
Sound Semos by Spasciz

Cozy Spaces. Lazy Sounds.

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Lofi Keys offers access to 8 distinctive electric pianos and analog synths, including the prized Blüthner acoustic piano from Midiwood by Richard Vossgatter. Freely combine them to formulate your unique sound mix and further refine it with a range of classic effects, such as VHS, Tape, and Vinyl noises.

Vintage style. Modern vibe.

Create captivating music with Lofi Keys! Choose from 40 unique sound sources across two sound slots. Infuse extra personality with five varying tape, VHS, and vinyl noise layers. Adjust the tape wow and mold your sounds with other straightforward controls.

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Instant sound variations

Experience remarkable sounds with a single touch of your finger! Our Smart Random controls, a customer favorite, let you create dynamic and fresh new sounds with just one click!

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3 Exeptional Effect Units

Lofi Keys incorporates three extraordinary effect units to assist you in obtaining the sought-after lo-fi vibe. Dimension is a vintage chorus module from our well-known Vapor Keys series, Technocolor is an innovatively designed exciter, and Poly Space is our top-selling reverb FX module. These units offer over 40 diverse effect algorithms that will instantly authenticate your sound.

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Including Luminary Leads DLC pack

This pack not only introduces 40 innovative presets but also debuts three distinct sound sources: a nuanced nylon guitar, a resonant grand bright piano, and a soulful vintage electric piano. Each element has been meticulously crafted to bring the lead melodies of your lo-fi tracks to life.

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Including VHS Atmos preset pack

VHS Atmos is the cinematic lo-fi expansion for Lofi Keys. It features 40 meticulously crafted artist presets, with an emphasis on expansive, dreamy synths and soundscapes. It’s all gritty, full of noise and completely lo-fi.

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Tracks made with Lofi Keys

Lofi Keys is a versatile instrument that can be utilized in numerous genres other than lo-fi. Take a look at the trap, cinematic, and songwriting demo tracks made entirely with Lofi Keys!

All the sounds of these tracks have been made exclusively with Lofi Keys (excluding drums and sound FX).

Factory Preset Demos

Listen to the multi-layered sounds of Lofi Keys and get inspired by its deep, complex sounds from FM tines to classic electric and acoustic pianos.

All the sounds of these tracks have been made exclusively with Lofi Keys

Luminary Leads DLC Demos

Whether you’re weaving intricate solos or crafting the central theme of your next lofi masterpiece, Luminary Leads is your indispensable companion. Embrace the essence of lofi with Luminary Leads, where every note you play is a step towards defining your unique musical voice.

All the sounds of these tracks (exc. drums) have been made exclusively with Lofi Keys Luminary Leads

VHS Atmos Expansion Demos

Explore the timeless cinematic tones of the VHS Atmos Expansion for Lofi Keys including drones, soundscapes, ambient keys and more!

All the sounds of these tracks have been made exclusively with Lofi Keys VHS Atmos Expansion

Lofi Keys Plus Summary

  • 40+80 Factory & Artist presets
  • Studio-grade sounds from legendary instruments
  • 2 sound layers for blending
  • Streamlined set of controls (all MIDI-learnable) including:
    • Volme ADSR
    • Sound layer controls: volume, fine tune, octave, tone eq
    • Different noises for coloring: VHS, Tape, Vinyl
    • Modulators: Tremolo; Wow
    • Main Gain
  • Effect rack including:
    • Vapor Dimension – Chorus effect variations from Vapor Keys
    • Technocolor – Exciter fx custom made for this instrument for advanced character shaping
    • Poly Space – Our customer-favorite reverb fx for lush, unreal spaces
    • Effect presets for easy dial-in
    • Dry/wet knobs for smoother mix
    • In/Out Gain for each effect
  • Our Smart Randomizer technology, including:
    • Random instrument sources (Modules)
    • Random Sound controls (ADSR, modulators, etc.)
    • Random effects (All the 3 FX modules separately)
    • Surprise (Smart Random All)

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is recommended
  • 2 GHz CPU with at least 4 cores
  • 64 bit DAW
  • 2GB free disk space
owner’s manual

Available Formats

  • Mac OS: AU, VST3 (64-bit)
  • Windows: VST3 (64-bit)


Pro Tools and Maschine are NOT supported

  • So far I used 2-3 vsts for melodies, now I have everything I need in 1. well done.
    104 days ago