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For Polyscape 2
  • Lush, dreamy, ambient-infused sounds
  • 50 Signature Presets
  • Requires Polyscape 2 to use


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Sphere for Polyscape 2 is a special artist preset pack by Aeron Aether and showcases his signature sound: Lush, dreamy sounds with rich atmospheres. The sound bank is perfect for chill/ambient-infused, cinematic and soundscape-heavy music of any kind.
The library includes  50 presets ranging from pads to keys, basses to leads and even fx sounds.
Extend the potential of Polyscape 2 and explore the sonic varieties with Sphere.

Works with Polyscape 2

Polyscape 2 is a hybrid synthesizer for Kontakt. It draws inspiration from the sound of the present, enabling the creation of modern scores reminiscent of Hans Zimmer’s Dune or Johann Johannsson’s Arrival. Additionally, it aptly complements contemporary electronic music, particularly those with a sci-fi theme.

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Behind the Sphere: Aeron Aether

Meet the man behind the exceptional sound of Sphere expansion: Aeron Aether! Aeron is a Hungarian composer, producer, audio engineer, sound designer, and experimentalist of electronic sound. He has produced chart-topping tracks in various sub-genres of electronic music, including atmospheric breakbeat, progressive house, chill-out, and electronica. Aeron is currently running his own studio (Aetheron Audio), providing mixing, mastering, music production, and sound design services. He is also the chief mastering engineer of Monstercat Silk, a worldwide known and admired record label.

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Sphere Summary

  • 50 Signature artist presets by Aeron Aether
    • 19 pads,
    • 10 basses,
    • 14 keys and leads,
    • 7 SFX sounds.
  • Focusing on huge, cinematic, ambient sound design
  • Studio-grade audio content of high-quality string instruments
  • Heavily processed by eurorack modular effects

System Requirements

  • Sphere requires Polyscape 2 to run