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Ultimate Synth FX

Sound Designer Bundle
  • Contains 4 of our flagship effects
  • Includes 200+ artist presets
  • To supercharge your synth sound
  • With super-intuitive GUIs
  • Available in VST3 / AU formats
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Plugins for the modern composer

Ultimate Synth FX is a complete bundle designed for synth players, composers and sound designers. This package features four innovative audio plugins – Matra, Cloudmax, Vapor Dimension, and Poly Space – plus three specially curated DLC preset packs. Each component is carefully chosen to enhance and transform your sound, offering everything you need to create diverse sonic environments. Step into a realm of top-tier sound design and craft your unique  tones with this versatile collection.

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This exclusive bundle includes four of our flagship plugins:


Matra transforms your sound into a sonic time machine, creating rich, captivating echoes that can range from subtle nuances to grand, atmospheric pads. Perfect for musicians looking to add depth and vintage color to their playing, Matra’s tape delay effects and intricate feedback settings offer endless possibilities to explore new sonic territories.

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Cloudmax is the ultimate tool for producers seeking lush, expansive soundscapes. With its dual granular engine and versatile reverb settings, this Texture Resonator can transform any sound source into a symphony of shimmering tones and textures. Inspired by iconic effects, Cloudmax supercharges your sound, making it ideal for ambient, experimental, or any genre requiring a touch of the ethereal.

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Vapor Dimension

With Vapor Dimension, add vintage charm and a wide stereo image to your tracks. This modulation plugin is designed to enhance your music with rich, swirling effects that breathe new life into every sound. Whether you’re layering subtle textures or creating bold, psychedelic leads, Vapor Dimension’s intuitive controls and powerful DSP algorithms make it an indispensable tool for creative composers.

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Poly Space

Poly Space offers producers a straightforward yet profoundly effective ambient reverb experience. From subtle room reflections to expansive cosmic soundscapes, this plugin’s pristine DSP algorithms ensure your synth reverberates with studio-quality sound. Its user-friendly controls allow for quick adjustments, making it perfect for live performances and studio sessions alike.

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Three carefully curated preset packs (DLCs)

Creative Spaces DLC for Poly Space

Dive into the vast expanse of ambient possibilities with Creative Spaces. This meticulously crafted expansion pack offers a brave new world of reverb presets, each designed to challenge the boundaries of space and sound. Whether you’re sculpting immersive soundscapes or looking to add depth to your tracks, Creative Spaces equips you with unique sounds that are as expansive as the universe itself. Elevate your music to unexplored dimensions with reverbs that range from the subtle to the profound, all within the touch of a dial. This pack contains 30 additional presets for Poly Space.

Creative Dimensions DLC for Vapor Dimension

Take a leap into the audacious sounds of the Creative Dimensions DLC for Vapor Dimension. This expansion pack is not just a collection of presets; it’s a gateway to a sonic odyssey. Each setting within the Creative Dimensions invites you to explore rich, modulated tones that resonate with depth and complexity. Unleash waves of pulsating choruses, swirling phasers, and harmonies that defy conventional soundscapes. Embrace the brave and unique modulations that propel your music into a new dimension. This pack contains 30 additional presets for Vapor Dimension

Electric Grains DLC for Cloudmax

Electric Grains is an expansion for Cloudmax and offers 40 experimental effect presets that turns your raw sounds into entirely distinct tones – ranging from colossal, dynamic leads, to ominous ambiances and crystallised textures.rnrnUnlike the Factory Presets included with Cloudmax, this DLC is specifically crafted to redesign any type of sound source. This makes the expansion ideal for work on electronic music or for sound design in films and video games.

Ultimate Synth FX Summary

  • 200+ Factory & Artist presets to get you started
  • Custom-made, studio-grade DSP algorithms
  • Streamlined, super-intuitive interfaces
  • Smart Random buttons on board for instant inspiration
  • Supporting major DAWs, including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, Studio One, BitWig, Reaper, etc.
  • The bundle products are available in VST3 and AU formats

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher
  • Windows 8 or higher
  • At least 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is recommended
  • 2 GHz CPU with at least 4 cores
  • A VST3/AU compatible 64 bit host (DAW)
  • 0.5 GB free disk space