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Vapor Keys 2 for Kontakt

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Welcome to Vice City 2021

Remember those shiny, glitchy, vintage sounds and waving synthesizer beds from the 90s TV ads and videogames? Or the melting themes from movies like Miami Vice, Beverly Hills, or GTA Vice City?rnWell, Vapor Keys 2 instantly brings you back in time: a unique Kontakt 6 collection of carefully recorded FM and analog classics. Taste the luxury of the 90s.rnIf your soundtrack is in need of some oldschool flair, this is where you should start!

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Preset demos – pads & soundscapes
Preset demos – keys, synths, bells

The discreet charm of the VHS

Vapor Keys 2 follows its ancestor concept (like DX and Vapor Keys 1): creating great-sounding patches in seconds! Teleport you thirty years back in time to get a super authentic 90s synth sound. Or we could say back to the future? Because this instrument collection is designed to be fresh and unique for modern music productions, especially hip hop, trap, glitch hop, lo-fi, vaporwave, or house music.

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Sonic supercharge

We crafted highly usable patches and sampled four amazing FM, PCM, and analog gear to bring you this exciting instrument collection. Used only completely analog signal path with stellar sampling quality: recorded in 96kHz, 24bit.

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The second chapter of our Iconic neo-90s instrument.

Vapor Keys 2 Summary

  • Over 70 deep-sampled instrument patches from 5 classic synths (Super JV, Juno 106, JX, 8P & Yamaha DX11)
  • 90+ full-scale factory presets for any kind of music production from modern electronic music to scoring
  • 4 Easy-to-Access FX modules (2 EQs, Phaser & Chorus)
  • Full analog recording path
  • Recorded in 96kHz, 24bit (converted to 48kHz, 24bit for kontakt instrument)
  • 3 GB+ sample content

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is recommended
  • kontakt instrument 6.2.2 or higher (Free kontakt instrument Player is NOT supported)
  • 64 bit DAW
  • 3.5 GB free disc space
  • great library , great service
    373 days ago
  • Nice tool
    373 days ago
  • Very good sounds
    374 days ago
  • cool plugin
    458 days ago
  • This wasn’t what I expected.
    521 days ago
  • Professional, high quality sounds, and great prices. Pretty much why I keep buying from KaranyiSounds !! Nice one.
    531 days ago
  • So cool VHS sound. Perfect for my microtonal project.
    835 days ago
  • very metallic sounding, but glad to have it for $9. Also it was not clear to me that this was an additional sound set. I though it was a new version of the Vapor Keys I already had. None of this matters, you make good stuff.
    837 days ago
  • This software is amazing. You need anyone to make demo tracks? My stage name is Jon of the Shred, I’m a composer and writer with Scythe Dev Team. We’ve put out a bunch of games like Northbury Grove and Happy’s Humble Burger Barn. Let me know! I already own pretty much everything ya got!
    837 days ago
  • As an owner of the first edition, I HAD to get the second one. So, as soon as I got the chance to update to Kontakt 6, I bought it. Great product as usual, can’t wait to use the sounds in my projects!
    837 days ago
  • A very nice instrument. Full of great sounds for all types of musical creation
    837 days ago
  • Yet another great product from you guys
    838 days ago
  • <3
    887 days ago
  • Need that techno and rave 90s energy
    949 days ago
  • Hip sounds great price
    953 days ago