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Vapor Sakura (Free)

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Free Lo-Fi Pads for Kontakt

Vapor Keys Sakura is a free Kontakt instrument specially made for celebrating the cherry blossom, known as Sakura in Japan. It includes three wide and organic pad patches, which are especially useful for your lo-fi needs. These presets are exclusively made for this release, however, similar sounds can be found in the full version of Vapor Keys 2 for Kontakt 6.

  • Couldn’t load it.
    0 days ago
  • I am always looking for new sounds to use in my music. I have a good collection of Latin Dance samples and Indian Music samples as well. I don’t have anything from Japan. I was stationed there in the Navy and enjoyed the sounds of Japanese music. Your sample pack hit home for me right away. Love it. Thanks!!!
    3 days ago
  • very good !!
    12 days ago
  • You need to put your statement that the plugin requires the full version of Kontakt in a more obvious location on your site. It let me download and gave me no other alerts and ways my time.
    12 days ago
  • Great product!
    13 days ago
  • Didn’t work at all. Wasn’t able to install. Found it in a MACOSX-Folder but I’m using a WIN-workstation
    17 days ago
  • Lovely pad sounds… for free! KaranyiSounds always produces great stuff.
    17 days ago
  • Such a lovely sound out of this kontakt instrument!
    20 days ago
  • This is a brilliant instrument and hard to believe that it’s free. I loved the textural sounds and the options available within the Instrument to craft your own! Thanks for this!
    20 days ago
  • great stuff, just what I wanted for my ambient track
    21 days ago
  • Thanks for the Freebie!!!
    22 days ago
  • I love the ease of use and the beauty of the sounds. Just what I was looking for
    22 days ago
  • nice
    22 days ago
  • Excelent, Thank you
    22 days ago
  • Love the sound and texture.
    23 days ago