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VHS Atmos

For Lofi Keys
  • Lo-fi inspired cinematic sounds
  • 40 presets from dreamy pads to dusty soundscapes
  • Requires Lofi Keys to use

VHS Atmos

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Lo-fi is much more than just lo-fi hip-hop! It is a feeling which fits perfectly to various other genres too, including cinematic scores. To prove that, we created an exclusive soundbank for our Lofi Keys VST instrument that focuses on huge, dreamy synths and soundscapes. All dusty, noisy and 100% lo-fi

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Usage of the VHS Atmos DLC requires Lofi Keys. Lofi Keys is sold separately and not included in this product.

Works with Lofi Keys

Lofi Keys is our premier instrument for creating lo-fi sound. It features famous electric pianos and synth classics, all resampled using vintage tape players, cassettes, and VHS players. All of this is accessible through an incredibly simple user interface. Craft smooth, dreamy themes for your lo-fi beats or introduce rich hybrid soundscapes into your scores.

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