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The shape of the Air

Experience a world of sonic textures with the Cloudmax Texture Resonator. Equipped with multiple effect modules that can turn any sound source into a soft, lush soundscape or ethereal sound effect in no time.

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A Symphony of DSPs

Inspired by famous shimmering, reverb, granular, and harmonizer units, Cloudmax seamlessly integrates 5 DSP modules into one unique plugin. These modules include a dual granular engine, reverb, tape emulation, filter, and EQ module, forming the pillars of your creative canvas.

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Dual Granular Engine: The Heart of Texture

Enter the universe of textures with the dual granular engine. Shift the octave pitch of the two granular engines relative to each other to impart shimmering effects, emulate vintage string machines, or spawn an array of intricate, complex textures.

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Algorithmic Reverb: Enter the blackhole

Add depth and dimension to your sounds with reverb. This module features a high-quality algorithmic reverb, a delay line, and subtle vintage tape pitch emulation. You can create environments ranging from the intimacy of a small room to cavernous spaces with up to 16 seconds of reverb tails.

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Sound Shaping

Refine your sound with the built-in ladder low-pass and high-pass filters, as well as an additional low and high boost EQ. Tailor your textures to harmonize flawlessly within your mix.

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Cloudmax Texture Resonator

Cloudmax Summary

  • 110+ Factory presets
  • 5 studio-grade DSP modules: dual granular engine, reverb, tape emulation, filter, and EQ
  • Streamlined, MIDI-learnable set of controls
  • Easy-to-use GUI with 2 skins (light and dark)
  • Our Smart Randomizer technology, including:
    • Random Texture
    • Random Reverb


System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher is recommended
  • Windows 8 or higher is recommended
  • At least 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is recommended
  • 2 GHz CPU with at least 4 cores
  • A VST3/AU compatible 64 bit host (DAW)
  • 150 MB free disk space

Available Formats

  • Mac OS: AU, VST3 (64-bit)
  • Windows: VST3 (64-bit)
  • Runs in any major VST/AU compatible DAW except: Pro Tools and Maschine which are NOT supported.
  • Tested stable versions: Ableton Live 11.3.4, Logic Pro 10.7.4, Reaper 6.8
User Guide
  • The sound grain is exactly as I imagined it would be during mastering, and the effects effects are solid. And it is very easy to operate. (Usually, other plug-ins change a lot and make editing more difficult…)
    15 days ago
  • I literally have multiple reverbs in my daw. There’s something special about this one.
    15 days ago
  • Spectacular !!!
    16 days ago
  • This is an awesome plug in its some serious character to the sound and makes its only soundscapes under and on to of. Super cool.
    22 days ago
  • Really cool plugin, I like how it fills the space between notes to keep the song uninterrupted bringing life to some more digitalized sounds. It also adds amazing textures to enhance the sound of any instrument.
    29 days ago
  • I Love it
    32 days ago
  • Hello, buddies! I have Cloudmax and i use it quite often, as it add some magic into my tracks: keys, drums, anything. It costs its money, really. I am going to get other effects and more synths, a bit later.
    34 days ago
  • I love experimenting and playing with sound and part of that is exploring ways to use the stereo space to create washing moving pads. Any time I see a new plugin that looks like it could fit that I jump on it – and Cloudmax really delivers. It offers some interesting ways to approach those “big” sounds with a host of tools that I’d usually have to use multiple plugins to create and some stuff that is unique to itself. I’ve already used it in several projects and I definitely see it becoming a go-to plugin!
    36 days ago
  • Nice effect
    36 days ago
  • Wonderfullest
    49 days ago
  • Very inspiring effects to add special atmosphere to your tracks.
    51 days ago
  • Cloudmax is great. It has a beautiful UI and is very easy to use. There are lots of cool presets to get started and it sounds awesome on anything. I was looking for a nice granular plugin that is not too pricey and Cloudmax was exactly the right choice for me.
    52 days ago
  • Really brightens everything and intuitive to use.
    64 days ago
  • I really like this effect. Great quality effects and it has promise. But to me there are some much needed Improvements: Density & Density are literally what they say. They do the same thing. They are speed settings for the same texture. Try setting one fast and the other slow (very cool). The density mix allows you to (obviously) balance the volume between the two density speeds (also very cool). Only problem is that there is no way to gauge their tempo. Here is a suggestion, allow sync of the two density’s to the tempo of your project. Perhaps show the speed settings as note values. Doing this will enable the very cool textures to be locked in with the other elements of your song’s tempo. If you do not want to hear the source and only want to hear the Cloudmax plugin effects, you have to turn both the Clouldmax and Texture amount knobs to max. I would rather see a mix knob that balances texture and reverb. Then add an output mix knob. That would allow you to dial in as much or as little of Cloudmax without changing the preset. Doing this would also make the plugin useful on an instrument track or on a Bus. In Logic, if you R-click an item in a synth, you can enter MIDI Learn mode. It allows you to assign a controller to a specific feature (like filter cutoff). Add this same functionality to density speed, octave shift, size and feedback. I LOVE the visual Dark setting. Allow for a way to make it stay that way. Perhaps, add a settings menu to the effect. In the settings menu you can offer: Default View (Bright/Dark) MIDI Tempo Sync (ON/OFF) I believe that doing this will make this effect incredibly useful across multiple genres and for sound design. Thanks!
    66 days ago
  • Cloudmax makes my backing tracks sound very expensive. Very easy to use with stellar results. Don’t tell anyone!
    70 days ago