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Creative Colors

For Technocolor
  • Creative, surprising saturations
  • 30 artist presets
  • Requires Technocolor to use

Creative Colors

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Inject a bold palette of sonic hues into your mix with the Creative Colors DLC for Technocolor. From gritty textures to warm saturations, this expansion pack is a treasure trove of presets inspired by the raw and unpolished tones of yesteryears. Each preset in Creative Colors has been crafted to bring a distinctive character to your sound, offering a brave and unique auditory experience. Step back into the past with confidence and color your tracks with shades of vintage charm that stand out in the modern mix.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Usage of the Creative Colors DLC requires Technocolor. It is sold separately and not included in this product.
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Works with Technocolor

Technocolor is a studio-quality character plugin that adds instant old-school vibe to your music. Inspired by classic samplers, tape machines, and even radios, Technocolor is designed to enhance your sounds. Whether you want subtle analog warmth or heavy, gritty textures, this plugin has everything you need.

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Get Creative FX Plus, if you are a new Technocolor user, choose the Creative Colors DLC, if you already own Technocolor!