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Creative Dimensions

For Vapor Dimension
  • Creative, surprising modulations
  • 30 artist presets
  • Requires Vapor Dimension to use

Creative Dimensions

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Take a leap into the audacious sounds of the Creative Dimensions DLC for Vapor Dimension. This expansion pack is not just a collection of presets; it’s a gateway to a sonic odyssey. Each setting within the Creative Dimensions invites you to explore rich, modulated tones that resonate with depth and complexity. Unleash waves of pulsating choruses, swirling phasers, and harmonies that defy conventional soundscapes. Embrace the brave and unique modulations that propel your music into a new dimension.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Usage of the Creative Dimensions DLC requires Vapor Dimension. It is sold separately and not included in this product.
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Works with Vapor Dimension

Vapor Dimension is a studio-quality modulation plugin that adds rich, vintage colors and wideness to your synths, keys, pads, guitars, vocals and more! Vapor Dimension instantly takes you back in time. Inspired by vintage chorus, phaser, and harmonizer hardware units, you can quickly add subtle, classic, lo-fi colors to your audio sources.

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Get Creative FX Plus, if you are a new Vapor Dimension user, choose the Creative Dimensions DLC, if you already own Vapor Dimension!