Surfing on Waves

Big, bold basslines to super peaky sequences and arps, cinematic soundscapes, drones.
Meet our most advanced instrument so far: Wavesynth, a powerful waveshaper instrument for Kontakt 6.
Fully packed with synth legends and brave new sounds waiting for you to create something unique.




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Zzzz. Grr. Boom. Whoosh.

Wavesynth is almost as flexible as an analog synth: you have plenty of possibilities to shape, twist, stomp your sounds.
With over 60 parameters (all MIDI-learnable) and an intuitive interface design and Roll (our built-in intelligent randomizer),
you can go wild and create new inspiring patches in seconds.

150+ Artist Presets

100+ Wavetables

14 Algorithms

6 Effects & Modulations

Including two different flavors…

You have two toys to play with right out of the box: Classic Essential Sound Pack is a big warm hug for retrowave lovers
while the VHS Cinema Sound Pack is fully packed with useful patches for film composers, electronic musicians.
Are you in an experimental mood? Open Wavetable Starter Kit and start to build your own sounds from scratch.

… and with 220 presets

Contains 110 artist presets focusing on vintage-sounding basses and keys – ideal for 80s synth themes, synthwave, retrowave or modern electronic music

Contains 80 artist presets focusing on large, out of space sounds – for scoring, cinematic sound design, and any kind of contemporary music production


J106 Classic 1
J106 Classic 2
J106 Darkpulse
J106 Little-Bite
J106 Longitude
J106 Shortbass
J106 Stealth
JX3P Classic
JX3P Darksaw
JX3P Eraserhead
JX3P InYourHead
JX3P Method
JX3P Telepath
ML Boarderlands
ML Heavyman
ML Imperial Long
ML Megacorp
Model Sequence
MS20 Acid (Play with PO & FMR mod)
MS20 Sequence
Op-FM Edge
Op-FM Ironer
Op-FM Moogy
Op-FM Solid
Op-FM TX81z
Op-FM Woody
P6 – Streamliner
P6 Bass Ninja
P6 Blower
P6 Low Profile
P6 Resampled
P8 Classic
Prophet Longer
Razor Bass
Ringmod FM
SP QS Longer
Sub37 Classic Long
Sub37 Classic Seq
Sub37 Classic
Sub37 Da Funk
Sub37 RoboCop
Voyager DK Bass 1
Voyager Anger Management
Voyager DK Bass 2
Voyager Motorsport
Wave Blader 2
Wave Blader
Wave Extreme Overdrive
Wave Resampled Classic
XS Classic

Keys & Synths

Analog Classic
8P Classic 2
8P Classic
Analog Classic 2
Bazille Mod Keys
Bully Keys
Churchwave 1
Churchwave 2
CZ Synth 1
Datawave Keys
DK Classic Keys 0
DK Classic Keys 1
DK Classic Keys 2
DK Classic Keys 3
DK Classic Keys 4
DK Classic Keys 5
DK Electric Piano 1
DK Electric Piano 2
Fragments 1
Fragments 2
Fragments 3
Hawk Keys
Juno on Phone
Keith’s Keys
Lander Keys
M1 Classic Piano 1
M1 Classic Piano 2
Modular Organ
MP Classic
Nasal Force 1
Nasal Force 2
Op-FM Keys 1
Op-FM Keys 2
Op-FM Keys 3
Organ Harmonium 2
Organ Harmonium 3
Organ Harmonium
Pipe Organ
Retrowave Key
Ringer Buddy
Synthwave Classic
Vaporwave Rhodes
Voyager Classic
Waver One
Waver Two


Suler Laser Gun
80s Sweep
Icarus Ascending
Modular Crystals

Atmospheres & Drones

Chernobyl Corridors
200% Blur
Abstract Cello
Atmos Fear
Broken Opera
Cave Whisperer
Empty Space
Kid Orchestra
Reich on VHS
Singer on Tape
Vault Whisperer
Very First Steps
Walking on Electricity


Renegate Movement
Alien Helicopter Passing By
Dark Future
Evil Bees
Into the Blur
Low Profiler
Opus One
OuterSpace Steeldrum


Stone Gate
Dark Steps
Metal Factory
Metal Spring
Walking in Acid

Soundscapes & Pads

Boston Folders
16bit Soundscape
Birth of a Wave
Boston Folders 2
Circle VPN
Cours de Musique par Téléphone 1
Cours de Musique par Téléphone 2
Dark Cello
Delta Sky
Digital Lush I
Digital Lush II
Digital Lush III
Empty Lobby
Geography 3021
Half Life
HardFM Movement
Karplus Strongpad
Kimura’s Icarus
Nebula Boy
Night Drifter
Pads for Brass
Phase Disorder
Pianoscape 2
Random Spectrum 1
Random Spectrum 2
Repeat Saturator
Soft Surfer
Tr3mol0 Strings 1
Tr3mol0 Strings 2
VHS Romance
Watching the Night Sky Together

Check out the walkthrough

Wavesynth Summary

  • 220+ Factory & Artist presets
  • Sounds from 12 classic synths (Juno 106, JX & 8P, Voyager, Emulator, M1, Sub37, Prophet 6 & 8, OBX, MS20, CZ)
  • 14 type of wavetable algorithms
  • Amp & wavetable envelopes
  • 2 LFO: Wavetable position & Prophet-type low pass filter
  • Moog-type low pass filter
  • 3 customizable effects: dimension, tape delay & hall reverb
  • Master EQ, Compressor & Limiter
  • ROLL (intelligent randomiser)

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher is recommended *
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is recommended
  • Kontakt 6.2.2 or higher (Free Kontakt Player is NOT supported)
  • 64 bit DAW is recommended for optimized performance

3 months ago
Serge G.
(verified owner)

Great presets

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

6 months ago
Prasenna Raghavendran
(verified owner)

This synth/library is EVERY BIT WORTH IT!
Immense thanks and kudos to Karanyi Sounds for making such godly sounds and textures accessible and affordable.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

7 months ago
Thomas Schatz
(verified owner)

This is by far the best sounding virtual synth I own. You can play it right out-of-the-box or customize the sound to your liking. ... and I love to roll the dice for endless inspiration! (www.totenklang.com)

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

7 months ago
Steven B.
(verified owner)

Really cool great sounding synths. Awesome customer service.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

7 months ago
Chin Sedar
(verified owner)

Everything is great, but I hope I can join Native Access

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

7 months ago
(verified owner)

Lots of flexibility for unique sound design. Useful presets!

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

7 months ago
(verified owner)

Bought this for the cinema sound set and was not disappointed

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

7 months ago
Peter Richardson
(verified owner)

Wavesynth is a wonder for atmospheric soundscapes. Out of the box you have well over a hundred presets, grouped into pads, drones, pulses. These are well crafted and each is unique (I particularly like "Chernobyl Corridors"). They're perfect to set the "current" of a new piece. But that's just the start as you can customise them to get your own version. Karanyi products are always very high quality and great value for money.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

7 months ago
Adalberto Ortega Villegas
(verified owner)

Genial!, de las cosas que compras que vale la pena.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

7 months ago
(verified owner)

Very Good sound. But please, add NKS support...

Verified reviewVerified review - view original