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Wavesynth Plus

wavetable synth collection
  • Advanced Waveshaper Synths for Kontakt
  • Iconic Vintage and Modern Sounds for All Music Genres
  • Over 350 Diverse Artist Presets to Explore
  • NEW: Melodic Techno DLC included!

Wavesynth Plus

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The Wavesurfer Collection

Wavesynth Plus offers the full collection of our waveshaper instruments for Kontakt, featuring our top-selling libraries: Wavesynth 1, Wavesynth 2 Glow, and Wavesynth 3 Pitch Black, plus the new Melodic Odyssey DLC.

This range covers everything from nostalgic VHS textures and profound cinematic tones to the dynamic rhythms of Melodic Techno, providing a broad array of fresh sounds and tons of inspiration.

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Wavesynth Walkthrough
Making Beats with Wavesynth
VHS Cinema Sounds with Wavesynth
Classic Essentials Sounds with Wavesynth

Wavesynth Plus features the following 3 instruments along with a DLC, offering over 350 inspiring artist presets suitable for any genres.

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Wavesynth 1

Wavetable instrument fully packed with synth legends
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Wavesynth 2 Glow

Retro-futuristic instrument for modern pop music and more
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Wavesynth 3 Pitch Black

Instrument with rough and dirty waves for advanced sound design
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Melodic Odyssey

Modern melodic techno DLC for Wavesynth

Wavesynth 1: Classic and Vintage Sounds

Including bold basslines, peaky sequences, arps, cinematic soundscapes, and drones: Wavesynth 1 is fully loaded with both iconic synth sounds and innovative new tones, ready for you to craft something unique.

It includes two sets: The Classics and VHS Cinema. The Classics offers 110 artist presets with vintage basses and keys perfect for 80s themes, synthwave, retrowave, and modern electronic music. VHS Cinema features 80 presets designed for expansive, spacey sounds suitable for scoring, cinematic sound design, and contemporary music production.

Wavesynth 2 Glow: Modern Sounds

Wavesynth Glow includes 70+ contemporary pop music-ready artist presets for basses, plucks, leads, keys, and more. Dive into the world of retro-futurist pop music with authentic wavetable synthesis.

Inspired by Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, The Bad Dreamers, and Kavinsky, this is the latest installment in our best-selling waveshaper series. Wavesynth Glow provides a range of sounds perfect for those looking to capture the essence of contemporary pop and retro-futuristic vibes.

Wavesynth 3 Pitch Black: Dark & Experimental Sounds

Wavesynth Pitch Black is the dark knight of Karanyi Sound’s waveshaper family.

Dive deep into the dirt and explore the 50+ bass-heavy artist presets made for all genres that make use of noise and harshness, including, but not limited to house, techno, lo-fi, indie dance, retro video games, post-apocalyptic sci-fi themes and more!

Melodic Odyssey DLC: Melodic Techno Soundset

Enter the pulsating world of modern melodic techno with Melodic Odyssey, the essential new expansion for Wavesynth.

Inspired by iconic labels like Afterlife, Innervisions, and Diynamic, this expansion offers 40 cutting-edge presets designed by DJ and techno producer SNYL.

All sounds (except for drums) were exclusively made with Wavesynth – Melodic Odyssey presets

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Ultimate Collection of Wavetable Instruments for Kontakt

🛠️ Are you a Wavesynth Pro owner?

Your Wavesynth Pro purchase will appear as a ‘Legacy’ version in the ‘My Downloads’ area of your account. The current version of Wavesynth Plus includes an additional DLC not included in the original version. (Melodic Odyssey) To upgrade to the latest Plus edition, you can purchase the latest DLC separately here:

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Wavesynth Plus Summary

  • 3 Kontakt instruments (Wavesynth 1, Wavesynth 2 Glow, Wavesynth 3 Pitch Black)
  • 1 Additional DLC (Melodic Odyssey)
  • 350+ Artist presets
  • Sounds from the classics (Juno 106, JX & 8P, Voyager, Emulator, M1, Prophet 6 & 8, OBX, CZ) and more
  • Professional, studio-grade quality sample content
  • Recorded in 96kHz, 24bit (converted to 44kHz, 16bit)
  • Sounds from classic analog and FM synths
  • 14 type of wavetable algorithms
  • Amp & wavetable envelopes
  • 2 LFOs: Wavetable position & Prophet-type low pass filter
  • Moog-type low pass filter
  • 3 customizable effects: dimension, tape delay & hall reverb
  • Master EQ, Compressor & Limiter
  • ROLL (intelligent randomizer)

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is recommended
  • Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher (Free kontakt instrument Player is NOT supported)
  • 64 bit DAW is recommended for optimized performance
  • 0.5 GB free disk space
  • im makin’ some serious waves with these 😎
    37 days ago
  • I can use it in every project. Would be even better as a vst (no kontakt)
    37 days ago
  • Wavesynth Plus is a very powerful and versatile plugin. I like very much being able to craft sound with a few tweaks, which is exactly one of this synth’s key features. Plus the gorgeous presets. I highly recommend this beast of a synth.
    37 days ago