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Abstract Vibes

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The Symphony of Resonance

Abstract Vibes offer modern, transient-rich vibraphone sounds for your music production. Played using various sticks and special techniques such as string bow and metal brush, this boutique instrument library is unique and exciting. We’ve also included synth and ambiance sublayers to make it suitable for any genre, from electronic music to film scores.

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Arsiney Abstract Mallets Review

New breed of vibes

The library has 4 articulations with medium and hard sticks, an extra brush layer, and 3 mic positions for a unique experience. The close and mid mic positions (1x Shure SM57 and 2x AT35) allow for adding weight or character with analog synth layers, tape, dimension, and space effects. Recorded in Budapest by Nandor Weisz, percussionist of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra, this library is suitable for any genre from electronic music to film scores.

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Pictures of an Exhibition

Abstract Vibes is a library that includes both traditional and advanced vibraphone playing techniques. With 9 synthesizer sublayers, 4 different hit and tremolo instruments played with soft and hard sticks, and 3 mic positions, you can have a unique sounding experience. 3 velocity layers from piano to forte, 9 synthesizer sublayers sampled from various Dave Smith, Roland analog and modular synths, 4 different hits; tremolo instruments played with soft and hard sticks, string bow, and brush. All GUI elements are MIDI learnable.

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In Collaboration with Nandor Weisz

Nandor Weisz is a percussionist who graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, Germany. He has been a percussionist with the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra for over twenty years. The orchestra is led by the world-famous pianist, composer, and conductor Zoltán Kocsis. Weisz is one of the most prominent figures in the Hungarian music scene, with decades of experience playing classical music, jazz, and even electronic music.

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Abstract Vibes Summary

  • Yamaha Concert Vibraphone sampled in a studio environment
  • 9 synthesizer sublayers sampled from various analog and modular synths
  • Traditional techniques (played with soft and hard sticks, string bow and brush)
  • 3 velocity layers from piano to forte
  • Recorded with studio-grade converters and pre-amps with 3 mic postions
  • 50 factory presets: 24 Traditional Vibes & 26 Soundcapes
  • Easy-to-use GUI with 18 controls, including tremolo


System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher is recommended
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is recommended
  • 2 GHz CPU with at least 4 cores
  • kontakt instrument 5.8.1 or higher (Free kontakt instrument Player is NOT supported)
  • 64 bit DAW is recommended for optimized performance
  • 1.5 GB free disk space for complete installation


  • Karanyi always delivers great sounding libraries with unique twists.
    369 days ago
  • It’s a very nice library with easy interface and great sounds.
    372 days ago
  • Very Good
    377 days ago
  • It sounds great! And the engine is awesome with Ich unlocks creations and ideas beyond what you would normally do! Plus great price… highly recommend it!
    509 days ago
  • AWESOME!!!
    511 days ago
  • Great instrument sound is incredible. For their service I give them a ten. I had a problem with an order and they solved within two emails.
    513 days ago
  • Don’t buy anything!! Haha, just kidding! You won’t be able to resist these amazing sounds. I started out with just the Abstract Vibes (and I already own MANY vibraphone vsts), and now here I am…+4 more Karanyi vsts later with eyes on purchasing more in the near future. Again, I have a TON!! of other vsts, but there is definitely something unique going on with the Karanyi sounds. Warm, organic, expansive; even the “digital synths” evoked so many ideas as I listened to the demos. Thanks for lending your voice to the many products out there Karanyi Sounds! You are unique and very much needed!!
    514 days ago
  • Good
    514 days ago
  • Nice instrument!
    514 days ago
  • Very abstract 😉
    515 days ago
  • Easy to use, creates valuable tambres, limited versatility, great price for quality instrument.
    515 days ago
  • Very Nice Vibes I’m extrem inspired!
    515 days ago
  • A nice extention for my vibes and chimes
    515 days ago
  • I like the samples a lot. I’m not a vibes player so I don’t understand some of the articulations or techniques “brushes?” So far I’ve used it for chords but I can see where it might get even more interesting with faster melody and the key switching. I wish it had a manual because when using a sustain pedal upon release it shifts back to a different technique from the long and I wish there was a way to control which technique it shifts to. Overall I think it’s a cool library that should get used a bit.
    515 days ago
  • Pretty good at this price!!
    516 days ago