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Continuo 2 Plus

  • Studio-grade Audio Sources
  • Super Intuitive Interface
  • Exclusive: Dark Energy DLC with 50 presets
  • Requires Kontakt 6

Continuo 2 Plus

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Next chapter in hybrid scoring

Create massive modulations, eternal soundscapes, and hybrid keyboard themes – from super quiet scores to enormous trailer sounds – with Continuo 2. Its fresh new look and super intuitive interface for Kontakt make it easy to go epic.

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Preset Demos – Keys
Preset Demos – Pads
Preset Demos – Pulses
5 Ways To Use Continuo 2 by Attack Magazine

Creative Morphing

Experience complex sounds with simple controls using our brand new Continuo 2 engine, complete with a futuristic, organic look. Blend between four heavily sound-designed instruments, browse through our artist presets to get inspired, or create your very own hybrid sounds from scratch.

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Polyrhythmic Modulations

There are no bad choices! With over 40 new controls and special effects, you can twist, blend, squash, tousle, filter, sharpen, dim, wow, blur, echo, and overdrive to your heart’s content. Plus, we’ve added a transient layer control, Prophet 5-style filters, dual pulse control, and extended master chain tools to give you even more options to play with.

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Woods. Metals. Oscillators.

Piano, synths and analog FX: experience the best of both worlds with Continuo 2. Featuring IAMYANK’s prepared piano, all sampled with unconventional mic setups and playing techniques. – Featuring Sequential Circuits Rev2 and Moog modular modules for an analog bite, depth, and real low end in patches – Analog FX and sound design, along with samples recorded through cassettes and tapes, further add to the organic feel – Digital granular effects and distortion stompboxes have been utilized for processing

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Demo Theme

Featuring 5 new heavily sound designed instruments recorded and manipulated via modular synths and 60+ new presets created by sound designers; film composers around the world: Alessandro Mastroianni, Dani Karanyi, Fred Nongat and Matthew Errington. Looking for some heavy trailer-like drones and pulses? Here they come.

In Collaboration With IAMYANK

Continuo was created in collaboration with Iamyank, a multi-instrumentalist producer and songwriter. He crafts memorable scenes for the audience using futuristic synths, spacey guitar, and dirty drums on the edge of instrumental and electronic music.

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  • Very good sound quality.
    264 days ago
  • Not for “pretty” type of music beds but definitely would find its place in dark documentaries e.g. space exploration, crime investigations, health programs etc. There has obviously been a lot of time, effort and work putting this product together and one wonders what state of mind the creators must have been in in the first place lol! Continuo 2 is definitely one to keep in your back pocket for thos projects that can come along where nothing else seems to tick the boxes until you try this one 😉 Well done, again, Karanyi. It also looks like I’ve bought almost all of your single products to date so … keep it up!
    348 days ago
  • Extraordinary plug-in, which I still have to explore and to practice with, because I haven’t used Kontakt 5-7 very often so far.
    358 days ago
  • great library
    479 days ago
  • Beautiful product
    501 days ago
    563 days ago
  • very cool
    565 days ago
  • Its ok but not what i expected. I bought also polyscape 2, thats better.
    565 days ago
  • Fine Instruments, great offers!
    565 days ago
  • Very nice sounds
    565 days ago
  • Great music software
    574 days ago
  • Awesome!!!
    883 days ago
  • The new Continuo 2 Pro is a unique instrument. Most of its sounds have their source in very well sampled piano. So it is a bit specialized. BUT – still different. I like it!
    885 days ago
  • Flexible and inspiring, top class stuff!
    898 days ago
  • Continuo 2 Pro became part of my official template. I highly recommend their products, high quality and well crafted plugins.
    1149 days ago