Dark Energy (Upgrade to Continuo 2 Pro)

Dark, wide, distorted and crushed soundscapes and polyrhythmic pulses for Continuo 2

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that Dark Energy is an expansion, it works ONLY with Continuo 2. Please read the following 2 options before buying this product:
– If you own Continuo 2 already and you want to upgrade to Continuo 2 Pro, buy this expansion. (Continuo 2 Pro contains “Continuo 2” + “Dark Energy” expansion in one package)
– If you DON’T own Continuo 2 yet, DON’T buy this expansion – you can get this expansion in bundle as Continuo 2 Pro


Dark Energy for Continuo 2 is the first expansion for our texture designer tool focusing on dark, wide, distorted and crushed soundscapes and polyrhythmic pulses. Inspired by movies like the Oscar winning The Revenant soundtrack or video games like Far Cry this expansion is a great tool for every modern composer who wants to create unique, hybrid scores or electronic music with exceptional quality instruments. This expansion extends the sonic possibilities of Continuo 2 with 5 new sampled instruments and more than 60 presets created by sound designers and film composers. Learn more…

Please note: all our instruments required Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 (Full, retail version – free version of Kontakt NOT supported) or later in order to run.